Month: August 2012

Favor in Travel

Last year our family of 6 traveled to America from Australia to be part of the Heritage of Faith Ministers conference. When we booked our tickets we were told we would not be charged for luggage as we were overseas

God’s Favor With Home Sale

To Catch a Motorcycle Thief

Back in the early 1990s, I went with a group of Canaan Land students and a few other guys to Daytona Bike Week, which is one of the largest gatherings of bikers in the country. I rode down on my

Putting the Things of God First

In 1981, my wife, Sandra, and I purchased some land in Autaugaville, Alabama—a town with a population of 999 at the time. We called our new property “Canaan Land,” and we immediately began to develop it as a ministry to

A Building for a Buck

When my wife, Iliana, and I started our church, West Coast Believers Center International (WCBC), we made a conscious decision to depend upon the favor of God to cover our ministry. As we moved forward in obedience, our congregation immediately

Roadside Assistance

One evening, my car stalled suddenly while I was driving home; apparently the battery was dead. I had a huge presentation to make at school the next day, I was involved in a legal dispute, and I was already tired

A Shadow of Things to Come

Since I first learned about the favor of God, I have seen numerous instances of God’s favor manifesting in my life. One of my favorite examples involves a pair of motorcycles. I had purchased a Honda Shadow from a young

Moving a Mountain of Debt

In December 2011, the Lord spoke to me about 2012, saying that it would be not only my year of prosperity, promotion and increase (financially and spiritually), but also a year of answered prayers, turn-around and “suddenlies.” Around that same

So This Is Favor

Producing film and television that glorifies God is my (Richard’s) life’s calling. In fact, it is the first thing God talked to me about the day after I was born again at age 25. Since that time, Deborah and I

A Home of Their Own

For most of our married life, my wife and I have rented a house. We went through a bad buying-selling experience early in our marriage, and we did not want to go through that again. But as we started to