Month: September 2012

Rent paid

I needed $327 to get caught up in rent. I declared the favor of God over my situation and in 4 days the money came in. -M.C

Financial Increase

I work for an agency and shifts had become scarce, at the same time each time I drove my car I would listen to Brother Jerry’s The Favor of the Lord cd. I started confessing it everyday. One day the


I had just received my last unemployment check and prepared to file for an extension. I’d been hearing how others had problems getting their benefits in the past and was even told by a clerk that if approved, the process

Favor to go on Conferences

Thank you for reminding me of the favor of God. I was looking at what I don’t have and not praising God on what I do. I did not have the finances to go to the conferences I use to

Divine Intervention

I lost control of my 80 pound dog. I got off the ground (when she yanked free I was dragged to the ground) ”Cookie” was headed toward a miniature dog and it’s owner. She was climbing their fence and was

2012 A Year of INCREASE

God has been talking to me about 2012 being a year of increase for me and my daughter and that He would start turning some things around for me and my 16 yr old daughter. I started praying, declaring, and

The Flavor of Favor in Finding a Better Job

My recent favor story happened about 2 months ago while I was looking for more hours of work. I am a Chaplain and the company that I worked for only had a few hours of work for me a week.