Month: October 2014

Set free From On Line virtual Reality Addiction

Even though I am a very strong Christian I walked into a very strong , Stronghold of the virtual reality world . In this world you could look any way you desired and do just about anything you can in


In June 2011 I was first diagnosed with Liver disease and was in need of a full liver transplant. It took a year for to get on the waiting list because I needed insurance. When I finally got Medicaid I

Healing and favor at work.

I almost always reply with, “blessed and highly favored” or “blessed and highly flavored”. Almost 11 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I said, “my Great Physician has healed me!!” As I went, I kept saying that and encouraging

Unexpected Favor With Job

I had a job that I loved but it was funded by a Federal grant. I used my faith and twice it was renewed. But this past March I was notified that the funding was not renewed. I wasn’t certain