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Jerry’s ministry

The Lord helped us to know about reality of His Word, and Life in us during many early meeting’s Brother Savelle did in Beaumont Texas! I am now 40 years of walking in His Word ministry! -P.C.

My Husband’s Adventure in Learning About Tithing [years ago]

He drives the street sweeper & had gotten bored listening to the radio so he took some Jerry Savelle teaching tapes I had on how the Lord gives us the power to amass wealth [Deut. 8:18] He then heard John

God’s Favor of Healing

I am one of your Partners.On March 18th I was listening to the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast. You declared someone who has an injured shoulder years ago & it never healed completely. You said “someone is receiving healing in

From flood to favor

From 2008 to 2012 I experienced quite a fee trials, mostly centered around loss. In 2008 my position at a Eugene, Oregon TV news station was eliminated. I spent two years searching for work. I found some part time work

His Favor Brings a Birthday Cake

Ever since Bro. Jerry began teaching on Favor (and those “Ten Major Benefits of God’s Favor Being on Your Life”) my husband and I have so many miraculous stories, and have experienced all 10 of those benefits. What I want

Supernatural Prosperity

As one of your Partners I have received Favor in abundance in 2014! It was a year of “Super Natural Favor & Prosperity”!! God blessed me with a tax refund 5 times greater than 2013! He also blessed with a

My Favor Story

I began planting seeds two years ago. I understood that a contract/covenant is only valid if there is an exchange of goods(you have to ask for something in return). I was living in a big city and work was scarce.

The favor of God in my life

I wanted to share my story of this time last year, 2013, I saw Jerry Savelle on the BVOV with Kenneth Copeland. They were talking about Gods favor and Jerry story about favor completely intrigued me. I heard about the

Favor for Raise and Open Doors

I thank God for his favor for my next day every night before I go to sleep and any time I have an important day coming up at work. A couple of months ago, I asked God whether He wanted

God is Good to All

As a former employee of KCM Australia, I felt blessed when an opportunity came to attend the Believers Convention in Fort Worth in 2003 and to meet with fellow Christians. My wife was the then Administration Manager and was sent