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Set free From On Line virtual Reality Addiction

Even though I am a very strong Christian I walked into a very strong , Stronghold of the virtual reality world . In this world you could look any way you desired and do just about anything you can in


In June 2011 I was first diagnosed with Liver disease and was in need of a full liver transplant. It took a year for to get on the waiting list because I needed insurance. When I finally got Medicaid I

Healing and favor at work.

I almost always reply with, “blessed and highly favored” or “blessed and highly flavored”. Almost 11 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I said, “my Great Physician has healed me!!” As I went, I kept saying that and encouraging

Unexpected Favor With Job

I had a job that I loved but it was funded by a Federal grant. I used my faith and twice it was renewed. But this past March I was notified that the funding was not renewed. I wasn’t certain

Big Bonuses!

I manage the top Business Development Team for my company…we had ’tiered’ goals for 2013 Revenue. For example, $25M revenue brings me [as the manager] $XX,000; $30M revenue would have brought me $YY,000, etc. Well, when my team exceeded $40M,

Health and House

One year ago this week, in terrible health and having just suffered great emotional and financial loss, I watched Jerry Savelle preaching about ”Favor IN Adversity” and I felt like he knew me personally. That sermon increased my faith to

Two Job Offers

I have never received two job offers at the same time. In fact, the job I accepted had a posting for only one position and was filled, however I too was hired with the plan to secede my boss in

Way above inflation Increase

Thank God for the revelation and ministry of favour on your life. I have been a Partner with you for over ten years now and have been tremendously blessed by your teachings and encouragement on the Favour of God. This

House rent miraculously paid for.

I was able to secure a much needed accommodation a day to the deadline given by the house agent. Ninety-percent of the money was unexpectedly given to me from an unexpected source and the balance was paid through a timely

The Favor of GOD in my life

I am a Filipino domestic helper here in Hong Kong for more than 30yrs. Last August 2012, I undergo heart transplant, Praise God! I am experiencing GOD’S Favor. My employer is very kind and generous to me. Though I cannot