2012 A Year of INCREASE

God has been talking to me about 2012 being a year of increase for me and my daughter and that He would start turning some things around for me and my 16 yr old daughter. I started praying, declaring, and believing that God would do exactly what He said and I was preparing myself/daughter for the shifting to take place within our lives.

Back in August, we were Blessed with some unexpected monies and I was able to pay off some debt, purchase new items for our home, purchase items that we had been praying that God would give to us.

On top of this, my daughter believed that she would receive a car before the end of 2012. She confessed and spoke what God would Bless her with to everyone who would listen. She stood firm on what God had spoken to her.

When she was speaking this, I did not know how this would happen but I always told her that I believed God right along with her because I know that God is able and His word is true. I know that we are living the life that His word speaks/life that is pleasing to our God, we give Him what belongs to Him, and we have partnership with various ministries so that they can spread the word and goodness of God. Because of this we are entitled to walk in the favor of God.

Plus I held onto previous Blessings that He has done for us! If He did it back then, I knew that He would do the same in the present.

On August 20, she became a car owner!!!! We had been Blessed with enough monies to pay cash for it!!! Only God could perform at this level!!

This is just the beginning for us and we are expecting God to do more within our lives!!

We are truly walking in the favor of God and it is exciting to share the great news with others so that they can be encouraged and know that the same God that Blessed me and my daughter will do the same for them!!!!!

Continually walking in God’s FAVOR,


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