Favor at Work

This is my husband’s testimony. It was T.A.’s first day and he was nervous. He was driving and would soon be at work in a brand new job. The year was 1983. He was praying, “God, help!” Soon a thought entered his mind and he knew it was God. He’d been praying and listening to God for a few years at this time. God said, “Say, ‘I have divine favor with my new employer.”’ So he said it, and it made him smile. That’s a great thought! But understand, we had not received any teaching about having what we say! He was just obeying God. He didn’t know what would happen.

He worked there eight years, and he praised God for divine favor every day going to work. It would take a lot of pages to tell the stories of that favor working. Here are a few of the highlights.

He had a beard, and was told by some of the other guys that worked there, “The boss don’t like beards. You’re gonna hafta lose it.” Well, the boss took a liking to T.A. and let him keep it. Don’t you know the other guys were scratching their heads about that.

Several of the guys had service trucks and each man was responsible for maintaining his own truck. The boss noticed that T.A.’s truck was in better condition than all the others. Then the boss told him that he could go order the truck he’d like to have, with any options on it that he wanted! Just pick it out, and we’ll pay for it.”

T.A. was made fleet manager over all the trucks. He ordered changes that saved the company huge amounts of money in gas and maintenance. He was given the job of ordering new trucks (big rigs) for the company. The truck companies would let him keep a truck for several days to test-drive it. T.A. was “in heaven.” One of the trucks he ordered, he got to drive from Kentucky where it is made. T.A. got to design trucks to his own specifications and have them made. He made the order, and his boss gave him a blank check to pay for it. That’s favor!!


2 comments on “Favor at Work
  1. Sandeep says:

    I also want to have favour of god, please pray for me and my family to settle in England soon.

  2. DERRICK says:

    NOW THAT’S THE FAVOR OF GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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