Favor for Raise and Open Doors

I thank God for his favor for my next day every night before I go to sleep and any time I have an important day coming up at work. A couple of months ago, I asked God whether He wanted me to continue my part-time job because I was going into a full-time semester of grad school and did not want to overcommit my time. I felt like He told me to ask the manager if I could work two specific days and only work a half day one of those days. I sat down with the manager the following Monday and asked her what she was looking for in the part-time position. Turned out she wanted someone who could work those exact days! We were both equally thrilled!

This new position was technically a promotion from my previous position with the company, so as I was signing the HR paperwork I asked about a raise. The manager said she was not sure they could do much because they did not have a large budget, so I decided not to worry about it (I was already grateful for the pay I had because this job paid more than I would have originally expected for the type of work). The next week the manager came to me and said they had decided that because I would probably only be working for 10 months (after that my course load for grad school would be too much to work) they would give me the raise they normally award after a year, after only 5 months of working with the company! Praise God! What favor.

Dr. Jerry Savelle came to visit my church this summer. While he was there, I felt impressed by the Lord to become a partner with the ministry. I believe the favor God has put on Brother Jerry and his ministry is on me now and I continue to look for the surprises I know God has for me!

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  1. Bawa Samuel Onomza says:

    i thank God for all the testimonies i have read here.i came from a family that no one ever made it to the university but i told God that i want to be the first male in the entire family that we break that curse.i send five years doin nothing after my high school but i never gave up, God surprise me and gave me admission into the university, i broke that curse and today am a graduate and we now have other family members in the univeristy.thanks to God.

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