Favor in Travel

Last year our family of 6 traveled to America from Australia to be part of the Heritage of Faith Ministers conference. When we booked our tickets we were told we would not be charged for luggage as we were overseas passengers. At the time of departure we were told the rules had changed and we would have to pay a fee for every bag, on every leg. We declared God’s favor and each leg on the way over, the fee was waved. During our time in Texas, we doubled our luggage (due to people blessing us so much and the cheap prices in the US). We now had 14 pieces of luggage and several were overweight, so we should be paying excess luggage as well as normal luggage fee’s. Again we agreed and declared God’s favor and every time my husband Peter would go up and book in, my children and I would stand back and declare God’s favor. Once again every leg. Texas to LA, LA to Hawaii and Hawaii to Sydney – every fee owed was waived. One airline staff member went to charge us, but on of their superiors walked past and said, ”Waive it” – they didn’t even talk to us. ONLY THE FAVOR OF GOD!


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