Financial Increase

I work for an agency and shifts had become scarce, at the same time each time I drove my car I would listen to Brother Jerry’s The Favor of the Lord cd. I started confessing it everyday. One day the agency called me to cover a shift on a ward I had never worked before. I felt like cancelling the shift, but I remembered the favor of God was on me and would go before and after me to open up doors of opportunities and establishment. I confessed it over and over that morning as I traveled to work.
To cut the story short, I found favor with one of the nurses, she requested me to write the shifts I was available to work. Its now seven months and I have never been short of shifts, my name has never been taken off the rota as I am booked directly.
God’s favor is truly awesome I have received tremendous increase in my finances, the Lord has provided me finances to purchase a property. Meanwhile I was offered a chance to apply for a full time permanent position, but I turned the offer down as God has opened up another door.
I thank God for Jerry Savelle ministries.


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  1. God just ignores the world and the devil and does what He promises in the Bible. Isn’t He wonderful!!

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