Free Lunch!

I would like to share with you a story that I experienced a month ago.
My family garden had a wonderful year and we got to the point where it got to much for us, so we decided that its time to share. We as a family have a place that we love to eat at and we got to know the owner and staff really well, and it turns out they eat the same vegetables we grew so we decided that we would give it to them. My dad was to busy to go and drop it off so he asked me, I didn’t want to go but The Lord said to go. So I went and delivered the vegetables to the restaurant and right before I walked out the door the owner asked if I had lunch I said no. He looked at me and said now you will, He handed me a tray and said It’s on the house. Out loud I said That’s The Favor Of God!

-A. S.

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  1. Paul Moss says:

    God’s Favor

    On the morning of April 30th I prayed and asked God to go before me and prepare the meeting place for my conversation with the engineer over granting construction permits at TxDot ( Texas Dept. of Transportation) and to give me give me favor regarding a permit that we had been trying to get for 5 months. We had been turned down on our requests three (3) previous times. I spoke to her and told her my need and within one hour she called back and said the permit had been approved and my project could go forward just as we had designed it and the issue had been resolved to my favor. Praise God! He still answers prayer.

    7. Favour produces prominence and preferential treatment. (Esther 2:17)
    8. Favour produces petitions granted even by ungodly civil authorities. (Esther 5:8)
    9. Favour causes policies, rules, regulations and laws to be changed and reversed to your advantage. (Esther 8:5)
    10. Favour produces battles won which you won’t even fight because God will fight them for you. (Psalm 44:3)

  2. Isn’t God wonderful? He shows up at the most unexpected times and places!!!

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