From flood to favor

From 2008 to 2012 I experienced quite a fee trials, mostly centered around loss. In 2008 my position at a Eugene, Oregon TV news station was eliminated. I spent two years searching for work. I found some part time work but nothing substantial. I went through my limited savings and finally found full time work at the county jail. Unfortunately, that position did not last.
When the jail job ended I decided to take the show on the road. I sold my manufactured home. Stored my belongings in my parents old house in my home town while I hit the road to find work. I finally found full time work in November 2011. Though not in my previous field, the job paid well and I felt I was on my way to recovering from all the financial loss of the previous four years.
On January 12,2012 I returned to my boyhood home in preparation to move back to Springfield, Oregon where my new job was located. About 9:30 that night the sirens in the small town of 700 people went off. It was a warning of impending flood. A recent heavy snow, followed by torrential rain caused the small creek that snaked its way through town to leave its banks. The sirens heralded the approaching flood. I was forced to evacuate and drove out of town through eighteen inches of rising flood waters.
I made it out of town and stayed with friends for a couple of days.
When I returned to my hometown to survey the damage I found the flood had destroyed about sixty percent of all my worldly possessions. The flood left me with one chair and some unscathed garden tools. I did not have insurance since I wasn’t renting so I didn’t bother to replace the furniture except to buy a new bed and a desk when I found an apartment in Springfield.
It has been three years since the flood. But PRAISE THE LORD something amazing happened just over a month ago.
The lady who bought my home in 2011 decided to move back to Florida. Her niece contacted me and asked if I would be interested in buying the home back. I was able to cobble together the necessary funds to buy it through an loan and some meager savings. To my surprise, the purchase included ALL of the lady’s furniture. Dining table that seats eight, sofa sleeper, recliner, queen bed, washer and dryer, bookcases, and some incidentals.
This is truly the FAVOR OF THE LORD.
It has been a long road but I stood in faith the entire time. My church surrounded me with prayer support and I never neglected my own service to the church. I serve on the usher team as Head Usher. I serve as an intercessor on the prayer team and on the deliverance team.
When we stand in faith and trust God to deliver us we will always see His favor. It took some time but during the entire period of loss I knew I had His favor surrounding me. His comfort, peace and joy are ever perfect when we listen and let Him be God.


One of the prized possessions lost in the flood was a book published after a 1985 photo seminar I attended in New Zealand. I chose this particular trip because I wanted to meet one of the world’s early pioneer in color photography, Ernst Haas.
I took the Focus on New Zealand tour and receive a free copy of the book published after the tour containing photos taken during out 19 days in the country. It was free because one of my photos was chosen for inclusion in the book.
When the 2012 flood hit, that book was destroyed by the muddy waters. It was really the only thing I minded losing. I had planned on meeting Ernst Haas again to get him to sign my copy but he passed away one year after the tour.
I prayed about it years later and decided to search the internet for a replacement. I found a good condition used copy and ordered it on the spot. It only cost $40.00 so I didn’t expect the best condition but was willing to take a chance.
God is always and ever remarkable. The book arrived in pristine condition. Barely a scratch or a blemish anywhere to be found. The amazing thing is, and totally unbeknownst to me, the replacement book had been signed by Ernst Haas shortly before his death.
God evitably provides more than we could ever ask or think.
He is truly amazing! God bless!

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  1. Bruce Wellhoefer says:

    ABBA FATHER knows every hair on our head by number, He cares for every detail in our lives.

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