God favors me so much he even gives me coffee

I’d like to share a story of God’s favor which happened for me just yesterday (10-4-12). I had gone to the market to purchase a few things for my wife and me. One of the things I needed was some coffee (French roast, my favorite). When I reached the check stand, the cashier entered the code for the coffee and the computer read ”item not found”. He inquired of another cashier, who told him the coffee code and again he entered with the same result. I then jokingly said ”Perhaps it is free today” to which he replied ”For you it is”. I told him ”I’m just joking”. He replied ”It is free for you”. I thanked him and I said ”That’s the favor of God”. The clerk said ”You’re welcome sir”. Glory be to God. I can hardly wait to see what Abba does next about manifesting our harvests now and how he does it. If He is interested in my coffee, what spectacular things has he in store for me and my wife. Jesus Is Lord. Walter.

-W. C.

3 comments on “God favors me so much he even gives me coffee
  1. Cindy says:

    The night before i was listening to Bro. Jerry &Bro Ken on BVOV about God’s favor 24/7. The next day at the train station I paid for a cup of coffee but my friend said my card was short 3.50. Just as I was about to pay a lady jumped in and said I’ll pay for it! I said thank you that’s the favor of God!!!!!

  2. God is so good! He even knows all our desires and fulfils them.

  3. God is so wonderful! He even cares about the little things. How could we ever outgive Him! His favor never ends.

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