God is Good to All

As a former employee of KCM Australia, I felt blessed when an opportunity came to attend the Believers Convention in Fort Worth in 2003 and to meet with fellow Christians. My wife was the then Administration Manager and was sent to discuss International matters. I tagged along, at my own expense, keen to see first hand this great country I had heard so much about over the years; and I wasn’t disappointed. But the blessings didn’t stop there… This was the year Kenneth received a plane from Creflo Dollar. With great anticipation the entire staff of KCM assembled on the tarmac awaiting the arrival and then all staff took a place around the plane to pray over and bless it. But wait there’s more – bigger blessing for me was still to come, standing next to a yellow Corvette, alone in the shade and having a quiet moment, was Brother Jerry. I ambled across to the hanger to introduce myself, and soon talk turned to cars, a common interest. We chatted away like old mates before others seized the moment to share with this man of God. Eventually, the gathering grew so I stepped back and gave thanks to God for blessing me with those few precious moments alone with man whose words inspired me to become a child of God.

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