God’s favor produces restoration of everything that the enemy has stolen.

Dear Pastor Jerry Savelle,
With immense pleasure, I am writing this witness letter. I have been following your messages through the internet (Pod cast) for the past three years. On 18th November 2011, when we came back from our work, we were shocked to see that our house was broken and the culprits took away 30 sovereigns of Gold worth of 7 lakh rupees. When I saw my ransacked house, I was broken, but instantly one of your messages came to my mind i.e. “pursue, overtake and recover all”. God encouraged me that whatever he did for David, he will do it for me also. Because the Bible says, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. My wife and I started confessing that our lord will recover everything that the enemy has stolen from us. In that same period, you have also mentioned about the 10 benefits of The Favor of God. One of the benefits that you have mentioned is that God’s favor produces restoration of everything that the enemy has stolen from you. We were full of joy when we saw that point. What a confirmation that we have received from you. It is nothing but the Lord had encouraged us through your message. As the days were progressing, we were confessing the 10 benefits of Favor of God regularly with faith. Though the investigating officials didn’t do much for the past two and a half month, but a different thing happened. On 6th February 2012, a similar house breaking happened in our nearby place. That house owner had many friends in the police department and they influenced top officials to form a special team to nab the culprits. It so happened that the same culprits were involved in both incidents. Within ten days, they captured the culprits and recovered all jewels of both families (Feb.28th). Many people discouraged us during those times of trouble, but our Lord Jesus Christ encouraged us through his WORDS. Though I didn’t get any help initially from the police department, but God stood beside me, to see that I recover everything. We understood that God can do it for his children in a way that we can’t imagine. As we started confessing the benefits of Favor of God, other benefits started pouring in. Even before getting our jewels, God’s favor helped us to get a piece of land worth of 3 lakhs(Favor No.4). Friends and relatives started giving gifts of gold jewels even before we get our jewels. We were reminded of Job 42:11.
So my family and I would like to acknowledge gratefully for the messages and 10 Benefits of The Favor of God, which helped us to lift our faith in the hopeless situation. We thank you and your ministry from the bottom of our heart. We pray that the Lord Bless your ministry abundantly, exceedingly and beyond all imaginations. To Him all Glory, all Honor and all Praises now and forever.

Yours in Christ,

– K. J. A.

5 comments on “God’s favor produces restoration of everything that the enemy has stolen.
  1. Bettie says:

    Praise the lord for the total restoration and total recovery of everything the devil has stolen from us. I speak favor over our families, reputations, over our possessions, over our marriages, our homes, our transportation, over our jobs and job scores, over all that concerns us. God is pouring out upon us the spirit of favor in Jesus’ name…amen.

    • bill schmidt says:

      I stand in agreement,declaring The Blessing and favor of our GOD in allof our lives.
      The LORD bless us in the city and field. THE LORD bless our children to be mighty upon this earth. The Lord bless our coming and going and all that we set our hands to do

  2. Joanie says:

    Tht favor of God is at work for me and my family. A few months ago my husband barely had any work. He was getting an occassional carpet cleaning job. We were thankful for each one. And the Lord gave him house to clean. But this was only the beginning of God’s blessings and favor. I begin declaring God’s favor upon us. I even wrote it on a piece of paper and taped it to the bathroom mirror, where we could read it and declare it every day. Then suddenly, the Lord poured out a stream of steady work constructing walls with a christian brother from church, in addition to more carpet work. He haqs worked every single day for the past month! And there is more work on the way.
    The Lord, also, restored our relationship with my niece. My mom is getting healthier and stronger every day, God has sent me more help with my business: an accountant, new employees. I even had one customer pay me 12 appointments for cleaning her home in advance. Also, the favor of God helped my husband and I with staying in our apt., until we are able to build a home by the favor of God.
    Praise the Lord Jesus!

  3. Robert Martinez says:

    Thank you for putting up your testimony brother. I am also believing God for restoration of everything that low life devil has stolen from me. Your testimony blessed me and was very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

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