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  1. One day, when I was still new in US, I went to a car auction on Colfax Avenue, Denver Colorado. That time I didn’t understand the process at all. I didn’t really understand what the auctioneer was saying (remember I was still new in US – JJC. It was only my 3rd month in US). All I heard was $450; I just raised my hand not knowing exactly what I was doing but for some reason, something made me raised my hand (but I believed that it was by the Divine impulse). To my surprise, the auctioneer just said: “you got it.” I said: “I got what”? A friend answered and said “the car had been sold to you.” I asked, which car? He answered: “the car you bid for.” I was surprised. I didn’t realize that I had just bidden for and won a car, not knowing what I was doing. So I just got a near-new car for just $450, and in the very 1st bid! The car was a T100 Chevy car with less than 30,000 mileage! The 2nd favor of that day was that despite the fact that I didn’t even have any money on me that day, yet, that day, I went home with the car fully paid for. A friend that I had just met early that day paid for me, saying “pay me back when we get back to the shop.” Now, that was God’s favor in action.

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