My Husband’s Adventure in Learning About Tithing [years ago]

He drives the street sweeper & had gotten bored listening to the radio so he took some Jerry Savelle teaching tapes I had on how the Lord gives us the power to amass wealth [Deut. 8:18] He then heard John Hagee teaching that you need to tithe…. got a little perturbed about that but when he went to bed that night he talked to the Lord about it & as he lay there, the word Malachi with 2 large numbers came to his mind. He thought—hmmm— I wonder if Malachi is a book in the Bible and went to sleep deciding that he’d look it up in the table of contents. Next morn. –sure enough!!! …. there it was!!… so when he looked up the huge numbers that had come to mind it brought him to the very last page of Malachi & there highlighted in yellow was the scrip about tithing. He got sooo excited that God must have talked to him that he woke our kids just to tell them about it. Needless to say– he got busy & tithed faithfully.

He researches everything that he wants to buy so his heart’s desire was for that year’s Trans Am Ram Air & I had brochures all over our house on this car along with him researching every consumer mag at the library on this. He took me to Wetaskwin where there was a brand new Ram Air sitting sparkling on the front of the car lot. He sat inside it– got me to take a pic of him in it & as he was walking away from it — he laid hands on it & said, “I claim this car in the name of Jesus.” Every day he also would end his prayers over the meals with, “and Lord we’re waiting for the windows of Heaven to open & pour out a blessing we can’t contain.”

Nearly a year passes when we decided that we definitely needed a new car so I talked him into trying out a Grande Am– my type of car- not his. As he walked away from that dealership he told the Lord, “Well, this isn’t the car I wanted but if Rose wants it, I guess we’ll get it.” He then told our son who was a teenager at the time- “Let’s go check out the new Fire Hawks that are on the display floor at another dealership.” Just as they were about to peer through the window of the show room– our son said, “Dad, Dad look over there at the used car lot— there’s a Ram Air!!!” When we were looking over this car– I told the salesman, “Yeah- this is my husband’s dream car.’ He replied, “Yeaaahhh- this is EVERY guys dream car!!” Found out the price on it was the same as we were going to pay for that car that I’d wanted and guess what else………. It ended up being THE VERY SAME TRANS AM RAM AIR that Dennis had laid hands on & claimed in the Name of Jesus!!!!

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