Receiving God’s Favor!

My 5 adult children and I are absorbing your teaching on God’s favor and have determined to walk in all the benefits God has graciously promised. Since we’ve all agreed to believe and confess the Favor of God, we’ve seen some amazing things happen. I want to share a recent act of favor poured over my daughter. She needed employment for the summer months as she works at a school during the school year. We prayed, expected God’s Favor and asking that she could have one job for those months rather than the typical numerous part-time jobs she normally scrambles around with. The next day after praying she saw an ad for a summertime only position in her field. She applied and was offered the job on the spot, the very 1st applicant! After starting the job she discovered she would not be given full time employment as she thought. Disappointed,she decided to go apply for another full time position she heard about. She was again hired on the spot and although it was not in her field-she was promised more money along with full time hours. When she went back to tell her previous employer that she had taken a new position because she needed more money per hour and full time hours, the owner offered her $3 more per hour plus guaranteed full time. Praise the Lord and WOW! That is the favor of God! Thank you Jerry, for training us on how to live in God’s goodness. You are someone my family is being blessed by more and more, we thank God for you. We expect God’s favor everyday for each one of us, both as a family and individually!



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