So This Is Favor

Producing film and television that glorifies God is my (Richard’s) life’s calling. In fact, it is the first thing God talked to me about the day after I was born again at age 25. Since that time, Deborah and I have experienced God’s favor and success in producing commercials, television pilots, short films, and other scripts based on the parables of Jesus. Then, in God’s perfect timing, He released us to produce our first feature film, So This Is Christmas. He told us that if we invested our savings into the film, He would give us favor with others, who would also invest.
Producing this film, which contains a clear gospel message, was a huge step of faith for us, but God’s favor provided miracles every step of the way. For instance, we secured world-class talent, including Eric Roberts, Vivica Fox, General Hospital’s Lexi Ainsworth, and Titus Makin Jr. from Glee.
The music for the film was composed by a man Deborah and I had met by chance eight years earlier, when we shared a dinner table with him and his wife several times while we were all on an excursion. This talented musician worked on Se7en, Watchmen, and Gods and Generals, to name just a few of his projects. We had kept in touch over the years, so I called and asked if he would be interested in doing the music for our independent film. We declared the favor of God over the script we sent him, and we were thrilled when he told us that he would love to do the score.
God’s favor continued throughout the production of the film. High schools and restaurants were made available to us for filming, the fire department made it rain for us in a scene that called for showers, and the police department even closed streets for us—all at no cost. The favor of God also manifested during post-production. We worked on the film for more than eight days in a room that normally costs $1,800 per hour, and our total bill was only $8,000.
The old Garrett Morris character, Chico Escuela, used to say on Saturday Night Live, “Baseball been very, very good to Chico.” Well, we like to say that God has been very, very good to Richard and Deborah.

-Tulsa, Oklahoma

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