The favor of God in my life

I wanted to share my story of this time last year, 2013, I saw Jerry Savelle on the BVOV with Kenneth Copeland. They were talking about Gods favor and Jerry story about favor completely intrigued me. I heard about the book The Favor Of God and I HAD TO HAVE THAT BOOK. Since Christmas was coming up I asked for the book and the study guide and that was only thing I really wanted. I got it, Praise God and some other things too, but I quickly dove into the book and began declaring the favor of God! Now, a year has passed, and I have become a real estate agent. I just signed on with my broker and have already closed two deals and have another under contract! I signed on with the most incredible company, they are spirit-filled Believers and when I am at “work” it’s like being at church, among like-minded people, what can I say? ITS THE FAVOR OF GOD! My husband has been learning and experiencing Gods amazing favor as he buys items in bulk from Lowes Home Improvement stores. He has formed relationships with the various department managers and heads and they will on a weekly basis sell him many items at 90% off the regular price. He calls me all the time and says “Tara, I just got a deal, over $1,000 worth of lumber and I only paid $200 for it!” I just smile and say Praise God, it’s the Favor of God dear. And he says yes it is! There’s more I would like to share, I have been so blessed by declaring and learning the favor of God. I continue to declare His favor everyday! Glory be to God, thanks for reading!

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